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CP-TT Lecture Series (2) – March 2023

The CP-TT is being re-organized to better link coupled (ocean) modelling, predictions, and operational implementation. An important element of the re-organisation is to coordinate projects that would enhance sharing of knowledge and information across different OceanPredict Systems and task team member organization.

A quarterly lecture series started in June 2022 on every second Monday of the month.

  • Mon, 13 March 2023
  • MS Teams (by invitation only)
  • 15:00 UTC (11am EDT)

The COARE suite of air-sea surface flux parameterizations

C.W. Fairall, NOAA PSL, Boulder Co

J.B. Edson, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA

First name Surname Affiliation Country
Santha Akella NASA USA
Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda ECMWF UK
Hernan G Arango Rutgers University USA
Jean-Marc Bélanger ECCC Canada
Trishneeta Bhattacharya INCOIS India
Jean Bidlot ECMWF UK
Byron Blomquist University of Colorado Boulder USA
Emanuela Clementi CMCC Italy
Bruce Cornuelle Scripps Oceanography USA
Chris Cox NOAA USA
Dmitry Dukhovskoy NOAA USA
Jim Edson WHOI USA
Chris Fairall NOAA USA
Eric C. Hackert NASA USA
Chris Harris Met Office UK
Alexander Kurapov NOAA USA
Simon Lang Unknown Unknown
Patrick Lehodey MOi France
Martin Leutbecher ECMWF UK
Youyu Lu DFO Canada
Francesco Maicu University of Bologna Italy
Tony McNally ECMWF UK
Avichal Mehra NOAA USA
Kristian Mogensen ECMWF UK
Charles Pelletier ECMWF UK
Andrew Peterson ECCC Canada
Charly Regnier MOi France
Hal Ritchie ECCC Canada
François Roy ECCC Canada
Guillaume Samson MOi France
Emil Stanev Hereon Germany
Elizabeth Thompson NOC UK
Aristofanis Tsiringakis ECMWF UK
Annelize Van Niekerk ECMWF UK
Frederic Vitart ECMWF UK
Gary Wick NOAA USA
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker Met Office UK
Hao Zuo Zuo ECMWF UK

The recoding of this seminar is available here.