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OPOS-WG (Operational Systems Working Group)

The Operational Systems Working Group provides a platform for exchange and interaction for all the operational ocean forecasting systems represented in OceanPredict.

The group’s purpose and terms of reference has been agreed. The latest developments of this groups can be viewed via presentations available from the Document section.

List of members:

(Latest update 11 January 2024)

No First name Surname Affiliation Role Country
1 Eric Bayler NOAA OPAS USA
2 Laurent Bertino NERSC Member Norway
3 Gary Brassington BOM Member Australia
4 Do-Seong Byun KHOST Member Korea
5 Clemente Clemente REMO Member Brazil
6 Emanuela Clementi CMCC Member Italy
7 Giovanni Coppini CMCC Member Italy
8 Fraser Davidson DFO/ECCC Co-chair Canada
9 Yann Drillet Mercator Ocean Int Member France
10 Luiz Claudio Fonseca CHM / REMO Member Brazil
11 David Ford Met Office Co-chair UK
12 Patrick Heimbach ECCO Member USA
13 Pat Hogan NOAA Member USA
14 Jean-Michel Lellouche Mercator Ocean Int Member France
15 Guimei Liu NMEFC Member China
16 Simona Masina CMCC Member Italy
17 Avichal Mehra NOAA Member USA
18 Kristian Mogensen ECMWF Member UK/Europe
19 Arya Paul INCOIS Member India
20 Gregory Smith ECCC/ CONCEPTS Member Canada
21 Jennifer Veitch SAEON Member South Africa
22 Kirsten Wilmer-Becker Met Office Programme officer UK
23 Goro Yamanaka JMA Member Japan

The OPOS-WG runs regular meetings at 3-6 months intervals.





The OPOS-WG meeting recordings are only open to attendees of the Operational Systems working group meetings. To access the recordings you require a password. Please contact the OP programme office for information.