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OceanPredict Co-chairs and Programme Office

 Programme Office Coordinator

For general information on OceanPredict, current events & dates, documents, website and more please contact

Kirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office, UK

 OceanPredict Co-Chairs

For scientific information about the OceanPredict strategy and more please contact the OceanPredict co-chairs

Eric Chassignet, FSU, USA

Fraser Davidson, DFO, Canada


Ocean OceanPredict Task Teams


For information on current intercomparison experiments, metrics and more please contact the group’s co-chairs

Fabrice Hernandez, Mercator-Ocean, France

Gregory Smith, Environment Canada


For information on about the COSSTT, coastal workshops, publications and more please contact the group’s co-chairs

Pierre De Mey, LEGOS, France

Villy Kourafalou, University of Miami /RSMAS, USA


For information about the Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team activities plans please contact the group’s co-chairs

Marjy Friedrichs, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

Stefano Ciavatta, PML, UK

 OS-Eval TT

For information on current observing system experiments please contact the group’s co-chairs

Elisabeth Remy, Mercator Ocean, France

Yosuke Fujii, MRI-JMA, Japan


For information on the coupled prediction task team please contact the group’s chair

Chris Harris, Met Office, UK

Santha Akella, NASA, USA

Kristian Mogensen, ECMWF, Europe/UK


For information on the Data Assimilation Task Team activities please contact the group’s co-chairs

Ann Kristin Sperrevik,, Norway

Sergey Frolov, NOAA, USA