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If you like to get in touch with OceanPredict, please complete this form.

OceanPredict Co-chairs and Programme Office

 Programme Office Coordinator

For general information on OceanPredict, current events & dates, documents, website and more please contact

Kirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office, UK

 OceanPredict Co-Chairs

For scientific information about the OceanPredict strategy and more please contact the OceanPredict co-chairs

Eric Chassignet, FSU, USA

Fraser Davidson, DFO, Canada

PN Vinayachandran , Indian Institute of Science, India


Ocean OceanPredict Task Teams


For information on current intercomparison experiments, metrics and more please contact the group’s co-chairs

Fabrice Hernandez, Mercator-Ocean, France

Gregory Smith, Environment Canada


For information on about the COSSTT, coastal workshops, publications and more please contact the group’s co-chairs

Pierre De Mey, LEGOS, France

Villy Kourafalou, University of Miami /RSMAS, USA


For information about the Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team activities plans please contact the group’s co-chairs

Katja Fennel, Dalhousie University, Canada

Stefano Ciavatta, PML, UK

 OS-Eval TT

For information on current observing system experiments please contact the group’s co-chairs

Elisabeth Remy, Mercator Ocean, France

Yosuke Fujii, MRI-JMA, Japan


For information on the coupled prediction task team please contact the group’s chair

Chris Harris, Met Office, UK


For information on the Data Assimilation Task Team activities please contact the group’s co-chairs

Matt Martin, Met Office, UK

Andrew M Moore, University of California Santa Cruz, USA