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OceanPredict Community

A science network to accelerate, strengthen and increase the impact of ocean prediction

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UN Decade of Ocean Science 2021-2030

OceanPredict will contribute to the UN Ocean Decade

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Scientific Partnerships

OceanPredict is increasing synergy with its partners, such as operational forecasting and research centres, international agencies, science groups, and intergovernmental organisations

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The Ocean at your fingertips

Our planet is a place of many wonders with the ocean being one of the largest, covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Most of human life is located along the continent’s coastlines, and people use the ocean in many different ways from fishing to transport, energy production to recreation.

Keeping the ocean healthy is essential for all and requires first and foremost knowledge of its status and functioning. OceanPredict is an international network and science programme that facilitates knowledge exchange between scientists and experts of operational oceanography from around the world to accelerate, strengthen and increase the impact of ocean prediction.

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