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OPST – 9, June 2024

9th Annual Meeting of the OceanPredict Science Team (OPST-9)

20 June 2024


Where: Online, MS Teams
When: 20 June 2024
Duration: 1 day @ 2 hours
Organisers: Fraser Davidson (ECCC/DFO)
Marie Drevillon (MOI)
Stephanie Cuven (MOi)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Announcement N/A



  • Members of the OceanPredict Science Team (OPST)
  • Members of the OceanPredict Advisory Board (OPAS)



Fraser Davidson, ECCC, OPST co-chair
Marie Drevillon, MOi, OPST co-chair
Stephanie Cuven, MOi, OP programme office
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office, OP Programme Office

  • Thu, 20 June 2024
  • MS Teams (by invitation only)
  • Starting at 13:00 – 15:00 UTC (2 hours)
  • Introduction / OP status (OPST co-chairs)
  • OPEC meeting outcomes (OPST co-chairs, OPPO) including info on relevant completed and open actions from the OPEC meetings (OPST co-chairs)
  • OP’24 Symposium plans (OPST co-chairs, OPPO, TT and WG co-chairs)
    • Current status of organization, timeline (OPPO)
    • Abstract submissions
    • TT & WG symposium contributions (all co-chairs, 1-2 slides maximum per TT & WG)
  • Updates on ForeSea (Eric C, Vinay, Fraser or Marie)
  • Specials
    • New ECCC Class-4 server (IV-TT co-chairs, Fraser)
    • New AI task team (Marie)
    • Newsletter plans and input from OPST (OPPO)
    • Joint DA-TT/CP-TT meeting?
  • AOB
No First name Surname Affiliation
1 Santha Akella NASA
2 Enrique Alvarez MOi
3 Stefano Ciavatta PML
4 Andrea Cippolini CMCC
5 Giovanni Coppini CMCC
6 Stephanie Cuven MOi
7 Fraser Davidson DFO
8 Pierre De Mey-Frémaux CNRS/LEGOS
9 Marie Drevillon MOi
10 Yosuke Fujii MRI-JMA
11 Alex Kourapov NOAA
12 Yvonnick Le Clainche DFO
13 Matthew Martin Met Office
14 Marina Montinaro CMCC
15 Arya Paul INCOIS
16 Elisabeth Remy MOI
17 Hal Ritchie ECCC
18 Gregory Smith ECCC
19 Joanna Staneva Hereon
20 Clemente Tanajura UFBA/REMO
21 Hendrik Tolman NOAA
22 Goro Yamanaka MRI-JMA


OPST meeting recordings are only open to attendees of the OPST-9 meeting. To access the recordings you require a password. Please contact the programme office in case of questions.