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Programme Office


The OceanPredict programme office is the central communication hub for internal and external coordination of OceanPredict at national and international level, and supports the OceanPredict chairs and its task teams. The office delivers and implements communication concepts and processes, and coordinates OceanPredict activities and interaction with partner organisations.

The specific areas of responsibility and associated tasks include:

  • Coordination of communication, collaboration and support for the OceanPredict Teams in their various activities
  • Organisation of OceanPredict workshops, meetings, symposia and summer schools
  • Development, maintenance and update the OceanPredict website
  • Preparation and publication of OceanPredict workshop and meeting reports
  • Upkeep of an OceanPredict document archive
  • Manage OceanPredict budget
  • Promotion of OceanPredict among operational and research communities
  • Support for OceanPredict special issue publications