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How we work together

The engine of OceanPredict is its Science Team or OPST. It is a forum of ocean scientists leading the development of the major national operational ocean analysis and forecasting centres, observation specialists, and science experts, and is working closely with the OceanPredict Task Teams (TTs). The OPST has over 30 members from more than 10 countries.

The Science Team is led by the OceanPredict co-chairs who are responsible for the organization and activities of OP and works closely with the OPST and the TTs. The OP Advisory & Sponsors Board (OPAS) provides oversight and direction of OceanPredict.

The OceanPredict Task Teams (TTs) are working groups concerned with specific areas of interest to OceanPredict which focus on specialized and relevant science areas important to OceanPredict and linking it to the respective ocean science communities.

The OceanPredict Programme Office is the coordination and communication mechanism for OP and works closely with all OP teams.