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We will be growing a collection of publications relevant to the whole OceanPredict community on this website, updating it on a regular basis (every 3-4 months). The publications will cover research in the field of ocean predictions, areas covered by the OP task teams, and some publications further afield. This collection will be based on contributions we receive from the OP communities and by no means will claim completeness. We hope though, that in the next year we will be able to collect many interesting and relevant publications for the wider ocean community to benefit from.

The table below shows all publications provided from 2019 up to 1 Dec 2021. Please use the “Filter” option (at top of table) to search for any word, name or number you want to find. Applying several filter options narrows the search.

Please note that the filter will search for all of the added words, regardless of their order, so it is not possible to search for a combination of words. Publications are sorted by year and author (alphabetically).

Latest update: 13 April 2022

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Reference Group Publication (all published)
Accepted papers are marked (A)
2022                                                                                                                                                                                      Top
IV-TT Bilge TA, Fournier N, Mignac D, Hume-Wright L, Bertino L, Williams T, Tietsche S, 2022: An Evaluation of the Performance of Sea Ice Thickness Forecasts to Support Arctic Marine Transport.
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering., 10(2):265
DA-TT Costa, F. B., C. A. S. Tanajura, 2022: On the impact of vertical coordinate choice for innovation when assimilating hydrographic profiles into isopycnal ocean models
Ocean Modeling, 169
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT, Met Office FOAM system Fiedler, E. K., Martin, M. J., Blockley, E., Mignac, D., Fournier, N., Ridout, A., Shepherd, A., and Tilling, R., 2022: Assimilation of sea ice thickness derived from CryoSat-2 along-track freeboard measurements into the Met Office’s Forecast Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM)
The Cryosphere, 16, 61–85
MEAP-TT Frankel, L.T., M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, A.J. Bever, R. N. Lipcius, G. Bhatt, G.W. Shenk, 2022: Nitrogen reductions have decreased hypoxia in the Chesapeake Bay: Evidence from empirical and numerical modeling
Science of the Total Environment, 814
IV-TT Iovino D, Selivanova J, Masina S and Cipollone A , 2022: The Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone and Pack Ice Area in CMEMS GREP Ensemble Reanalysis Product
Front. Earth Sci. , 517.968055555556
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT, Met Office FOAM system Mignac, D., Martin, M., Fiedler, E., Blockley, E. & Fournier, N., 2022: Improving the Met Office’s Forecast Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) with the assimilation of satellite-derived sea-ice thickness data from CryoSat-2 and SMOS in the Arctic.
Q J R Meteorol Soc,
DA-TT Nakanowatari T, J Xie, L Bertino, M Matsueda, A Yamagami, J Inoue, 2022: Ensemble forecast experiments of summertime sea ice in the Arctic Ocean using the TOPAZ4 ice-ocean data assimilation system
Environmental Research, 209
OS-Eval TT Norman G. Loeb, Michael Mayer, Seiji Kato, John Fasullo, Hao Zuo, Retish Senan, John Miller Lyman, Gregory C. Johnson, Magdalena Alonso-Balmaseda, 2022: Evaluating Twenty-Year Trends in Earth’s Energy Flows from Observations
Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres.,
COSS-TT Oliver, B., Veitch, J., & Reason, C. J. C., 2022: Variability in high wave energy events around the southern African coast
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 127
COSS-TT Ragoasha, M. N., Herbette, S., Veitch, J., Cambon, G., Reason, C. J. C., & Roy, C., 2022: Inter-annual variability of the along-shore Lagrangian transport success in the southern Benguela Current upwelling system
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 127
COSS-TT Russo CS, Veitch J, Carr M, Fearon G and Whittle C, 2022: An Intercomparison of Global Reanalysis Products for Southern Africa’s Major Oceanographic Features
Frontiers in Marine Science,
DA-TT Shah, Abhishek; Bertino, Laurent;  Counillon, Francois;  El Gharamti, Mohamad;  Xie, Jiping , 2022: Assimilation of semi-qualitative sea ice thickness data with the EnKF-SQ: a twin experiment
Tellus A, 72
DA-TT, MEAP-TT, Met Office FOAM system Skákala, J., Bruggeman, J., Ford, D., Wakelin, S., Akpınar, A., Hull, T., Kaiser, J., Loveday, B.R., O’Dea, E., Williams, C.A. and Ciavatta, S., 2022: The impact of ocean biogeochemistry on physics and its consequences for modelling shelf seas
Ocean Modelling,
IV-TT, DA-TT, ECCC GIOPS and RIOPS systems Smith, G.C. and Fortin, A.-S., 2022: Verification of eddy properties in operational oceanographic analysis systems
Ocean Modelling, 172
OS-Eval TT Winkelbauer, S., Mayer, M., Seitner, V., Zsoter, E., Zuo, H., and Haimberger, L, 2022:  Diagnostic evaluation of river discharge into the Arctic Ocean and its impact on oceanic volume transports
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., Volume 26, 279–304
COSS-TT Wise A, J Harle, D Bruciaferri, E O’Dea, J Polton, 2022: The effect of vertical coordinates on the accuracy of a shelf sea model
Ocean Modelling, 170
2021                                                                                                                                                                                      Top
COSS-TT Accarino, G., Chiarelli, M., Fiore, S., Federico, I., Causio, S., Coppini, G., & Aloisio, G., 2021: A multi-model architecture based on Long Short-Term Memory neural networks for multi-step sea level forecasting.
Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 124, 1- 9
COSS-TT Androulidakis, Yannis, Vassiliki Kourafalou, Maria Josefina Olascoaga, Francisco Javier Beron‑Vera, Matthieu Le Hénaff, Heesook Kang, Nektaria Ntaganou, 2021: Impact of Caribbean Anticyclones on Loop Current variability,
Ocean Dynamics volume 71, pages 935–956 (2021)
COSS-TT Androulidakis, Yannis, Vassiliki Kourafalou, Matthieu Le Hénaff, HeeSook Kang, Nektaria Ntaganou, 2021: The role of mesoscale dynamics over Northwestern Cuba on the Loop Current evolution in 2010, during the Deepwater Horizon incident,
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9, 188
COSS-TT Androulidakis, Yannis, Vassilis Kolovoyiannis, Christos Makris, Yannis Krestenitis, Vasilis Baltikas, Natassa Stefanidou, Andromachi Chatziantoniou, Konstantinos Topouzelis, Maria Moustaka-Gouni, 2021: Effects of ocean circulation on the eutrophication of a Mediterranean gulf with river inlets: the Northern Thermaikos Gulf,
Continental Shelf Research, 221, 104416
DA-TT Antonio Bonaduce1, Andrea Cipollone, Johnny A. Johannessen, Joanna Staneva, Roshin P. Raj and Ali Aydogdu, 2021: Ocean Mesoscale Variability: A Case Study on the Mediterranean Sea From a Re-Analysis Perspective
Frontiers in Earth Science, 16
OS-Eval TT Balan-Sarojini, B., S. Tietsche, M. Mayer, M. Balmaseda, H. Zuo, P. de Rosnay, T. Stockdale and F. Vitart, 2021: Year-round Impact of Winter Sea Ice Thickness Observations on Seasonal Forecasts
The Cryosphere, 15, 325–344
IV-TT Basconcillo, Joseph, Il-Ju Moon, Bin Wang and Malcolm Mistry, 2021: Possible influence of the Warm Pool ITCZ on compound climate extremes during the boreal summer,
Environmental Research Letters, 16, 114039
OS-Eval TT, Mercator Ocean system Benkiran M., R. Giovanni, Greiner E., Le Traon P-Y., Rémy E., Lellouche J-M., Bourdallé-Badie R., Drillet Y., Tchonang B., 2021: Assessing the Impact of the Assimilation of SWOT Observations in a Global High-Resolution Analysis and Forecasting System Part 1: Methods,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 947
MEAP-TT Bever, A.J., M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, 2021: Real-time environmental forecasts of the Chesapeake Bay: Model setup, improvements and online visualization,
Environmental Modelling and Software, 105036
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT Bonaduce A, Cipollone A, Johannessen JA, Staneva J, Raj RP and Aydogdu A, 2021: Ocean Mesoscale Variability: A Case Study on the Mediterranean Sea From a Re-Analysis Perspective,
Front. Earth Sci., 9724879
OP systems Chamberlain, M.A., Oke, P.R., Fiedler, R.A., Beggs, H.M., Brassington, G.B. and Divakaran, P., 2021. Next generation of Bluelink ocean reanalysis with multiscale data assimilation: BRAN2020.
Earth System Science Data Discussions, pp.1-31
DA-TT, IV-TT, MEAP-TT Ciliberti, S.A., Grégoire, M., Staneva, J., Palazov, A., Coppini, G., Lecci, R., Peneva, E., Matreata, M., Marinova, V., Masina, S., Pinardi, N., Jansen, E., Lima, L., Aydoğdu, A., Creti’, S., Stefanizzi, L., Azevedo, D., Causio, S., Vandenbulcke, L., Capet, A., Meulders, C., Ivanov, E., Behrens, A., Ricker, M., Gayer, G., Palermo, F., Ilicak, M., Gunduz, M., Valcheva, N., Agostini, P. , 2021: Monitoring and Forecasting the Ocean State and Biogeochemical Processes in the Black Sea: Recent Developments in the Copernicus Marine Service, J. Mar. Sci. Eng., 9, 1146.
COSS-TT Cirano, M., Charria, G., De Mey-Frémaux, P., Kourafalou, V. K., Stanev, E., 2021: Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science supported by GODAE OceanView Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT)—Part II
Ocean Dynamics,
COSS-TT,  IV-TT Coppini G., Clementi E., Cossarini G., Korres G., Drudi m.,et al, 2021: The Copernicus Marine Service ocean forecasting system for the Mediterranean Sea
9th Eurogoos Conference, 574
MEAP-TT Da, F., M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, E.H. Shadwick, R.G. Najjar, K. Hinson, 2021: Mechanisms driving decadal changes in the carbonate system of a coastal plain estuary
JGR-Oceans, 126
DA-TT de Paula, T. P., J. A. M. Lima, C. A. S. Tanajura, M. Andrioni, R. P. Martins, W. Z. Arruda, 2021: The impact of ocean data assimilation on the simulation of mesoscale eddies at São Paulo plateau (Brazil) using the Regional Ocean Modeling System
Ocean Modeling, 167
OS-Eval TT Domingues, R., M. Le Hénaff, G. Halliwell, J.A. Zhang, F. Bringas, P. Chardon, H.-S. Kim, J. Morell, and G. Goni, 2021: The impact of ocean conditions on the intensification and forecasts of three major Atlantic hurricanes of 2017,
Monthly Weather Review, 149(5), pp.1265-1286
DA-TT, Met Office FOAM system Dong, B., K. Haines, M. Martin, 2021: Improved High Resolution Ocean Reanalyses Using a Simple Smoother Algorithm
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 13
DA-TT, IV-TT Escudier, Romain, Emanuela Clementi, Andrea Cipollone, Jenny Pistoia, Massimiliano Drudi, Alessandro Grandi, Vlyadyslav Lyubartsev, Rita Lecci, Ali Aydogdu, Damiano Delrosso, Mohamed Omar, Simona Masina, Giovanni Coppini and Nadia Pinardi, 2021: A high resolution reanalysis for the Mediterranean Sea,
Front. Earth Sci., 9, 1060
MEAP-TT, DA-TT Ford, D., 2021: Assimilating synthetic Biogeochemical-Argo and ocean colour observations into a global ocean model to inform observing system design,
Biogeosciences, 18, 509-534
COSS-TT Franz G, Garcia CAE, Pereira J, de Freitas Assad LP, Rollnic M, Garbossa LHP, da Cunha LC, Lentini CAD, Nobre P, Turra A, Trotte-Duhá JR, Cirano M, Estefen SF, Lima JAM, Paiva AM, Noernberg MA, Tanajura CAS, Moutinho JL, Campuzano F, Pereira ES, Lima AC, Mendonça LFF, Nocko H, Machado L, Alvarenga JBR, Martins RP, Böck CS, Toste R, Landau L, Miranda T, dos Santos F, Pellegrini J, Juliano M, Neves R and Polejack A, 2021: Coastal Ocean Observing and Modeling Systems in Brazil: Initiatives and Future Perspectives
Frontiers of Marine Science,
COSS-TT Freitas, P. P., Paiva, A. M., Cirano, M. Mill, G. N., Costa, V. S., Gabioux, M., Fran, B. R. L., 2021: Coastal trapped waves propagation along the Southwestern Atlantic Continental Shelf
Continental Shelf Research,
CP-TT, OS-Eval TT, DA-TT,  JMA System Fujii, Y., T. Ishibashi, T. Yasuda, Y. Takaya, C. Kobayashi, and I. Ishikawa, 2021: Improvements in tropical precipitation and sea surface air temperature fields in a coupled atmosphere–ocean data assimilation system,
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 147, 1317-1343
COSS-TT Fukai, D. T. , Oaquim, A. B. J. , Cirano, M., 2021: How Might the Ocean Change in the Future?
Frontiers of Young Minds,
DA-TT, Mercator Ocean system Gasparin, F., Cravatte, S., Greiner, E., Perruche, C., Hamon, M., Van Gennip, S., & Lellouche, J. M., 2021: Excessive productivity and heat content in tropical Pacific analyses: Disentangling the effects of in situ and altimetry assimilation,
Ocean Modelling, Vol 160
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT Hanna- Kim, Young Ho Kim and Kyoung-Ok Kim, 2021: Application of data assimilation for spectral wave model in coastal regions of South Korea
Journal of Coastal Research, 114(SI), 76–80
MEAP-TT Hinson, K., M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, F. Da, R.G. Najjar, 2021: Extent and causes of Chesapeake Bay warming
COSS-TT Hirose, Naoki, Tianran Liu, Katsumi Takayama, Katsuto Uehara, Takeshi Taneda, and Young Ho Kim, 2021: Vertical viscosity coefficient increased for high-resolution modeling of the Tsushima/Korea Strait,
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 38, 1205-1215
IV-TT Hojin Kim , Ki-Young Heo, Nam-Hoon Kim and Jae-Il Kwon, 2021: Hindcasts of Sea Surface Wind around the Korean Peninsula Using the WRF Model: Added Value Evaluation and Estimation of Extreme Wind Speeds,
Atmosphere, 12(7), 895
COSS-TT Holdsworth, A., L. Zhai, Y. Lu, and J. Christian, 2021: Future changes in oceanography and biogeochemistry along the Canadian Pacific continental margin
Frontiers in Marine Sciences ,
MEAP-TT Hood, R.R., G. Shenk and co-authors, 2021: The Chesapeake Bay Program Modelling System:  overview and recommendations for future development
Ecological Modeling, 456
IV-TT Hyeonji Bae, Dabin Lee, Jae Joong Kang, Jae Hyung Lee, Naeun Jo, Kwanwoo Kim, Hyo Keun Jang, Myung Joon Kim, Yejin Kim, Jae-Il Kwon and Sang Heon Lee, 2021: Satellite-Derived Protein Concentration of Phytoplankton in the Southwestern East/Japan Sea,
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9, 189-203
COSS-TT Ilicak, M., Federico, I., Barletta, I., Mutlu, S., Karan, H., Ciliberti, S.A., Clementi, E., Coppini, G., Pinardi, N. , 2021: Modeling of the Turkish Strait System using a high resolution unstructured grid ocean circulation model
J. Mar. Sci. Eng., 9(7), 769;
IV-TT Jae-Youll Jin, Jong Dae Do, Jin-Soon Park, Jun Seok Park, Byunggil Lee, Sung-Doo Hong, Sung-Ju Moon, Keun Choon Hwang and Yeon S. Chang, 2021: Intelligent Buoy System (INBUS): Automatic Lifting Observation System for Macrotidal Coastal Waters,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 668673
IV-TT Jong Dae Do, Jae-Youll Jin, Weon Mu Jeong, Byunggil Lee, Chang Hwan Kim, Yeon S. Chang, 2021: Observation of nearshore crescentic sandbar formation during storm wave conditions using satellite images and video monitoring data,
Marine Geology, 442, 106661
IV-TT Jong Dae Do, Jae-Youll Jin, Weon Mu Jeong,Byunggil Lee, Jin Yong Choi and Yeon S. Chang, 2021: Collapse of a Coastal Revetment Due to the Combined Effect of Anthropogenic and Natural Disturbances,
Sustainability, 13(7), 3712
IV-TT Kamolov, Ahmadhon Akbarkhonovich and Suhyun Park, 2021: Prediction of Depth of Seawater Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm of Crowdsourced SONAR Data,
Sustainability, 13(11), 5823
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT, Met Office FOAM system King, R. R. and Martin, M. J., 2021: Assimilating realistically simulated wide-swath altimeter observations in a high-resolution shelf-seas forecasting system
Ocean Science, 17, 1791–1813
CP-TT, OS-Eval TT, DA-TT,  JMA System Kobayashi, C., Y. Fujii, I. Ishikawa, 2021: Intraseasonal SST-Precipitation Relationship in a coupled reanalysis experiment using the MRI coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation system,
Climate Dynamics, 56, 2377-2388
IV-TT Kyungman Kwon, Byoung-Ju Choi, Sung-Gwan Myoung and Han-Seul Sim, 2021: Propagation of a Meteotsunami from the Yellow Sea to the Korea Strait in April 2019,
Atmosphere, 12(8), 1083
OS-Eval TT Le Hénaff, M., R. Domingues, G. Halliwell, J.A. Zhang, H.S. Kim, M. Aristizabal, T. Miles, S. Glenn, and G. Goni, 2021: The role of the Gulf of Mexico ocean conditions in the intensification of Hurricane Michael (2018),
Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 126, p.e2020JC016969
Mercator Ocean system Lellouche J-M., E. Greiner, R. Bourdallé-Badie, G. Garric, A. Melet, M. Drévillon, C.  Bricaud, M. Hamon, O. Le Galloudec, C. Regnier, T. Candela, C-E. Testut, F. Gasparin, G. Ruggiero, M. Benkiran, Y. Drillet, P-Y. Le Traon, 2021: The Copernicus Global 1/12° Oceanic and Sea Ice GLORYS12 Reanalysis,
Frontiers in Earth Science, 9, 585
DA-TT, ROMS Levin, J., H. Arango, B. Laughlin, E. Hunter, J. Wilkin, A. Moore, 2021: Observation impacts on the Mid-Atlantic Bight front and cross-shelf transport in 4D-Var ocean state estimates: Part II—The Pioneer Array,
Ocean Modelling, Vol 157, online publication
DA-TT, ROMS Levin, J., H. Arango, B. Laughlin, E. Hunter, J. Wilkin, A. Moore, 2021: The impact of remote sensing observations on cross-shelf transport estimates from 4D-Var analyses of the Mid-Atlantic Bight,
Advances in Space Research, Vol 68, issue 2, pg 553-570
DA-TT Lima, L., Ciliberti, S.A., Aydoğdu, A., Masina, S., Escudier, R., Cipollone, A., Azevedo, D., Causio, S., Peneva, E., Lecci, R., Clementi, E., Jansen, E., Ilicak, M., Cretì, S., Stefanizzi, L., Palermo, F. and Coppini, G., 2021: Climate Signals in the Black Sea From a Multidecadal Eddy-Resolving Reanalysis,
Front. Mar. Sci., 8710973
COSS-TT Liu Y, J Xie, Z Liu, J Gan, J Zhu, 2021: The assimilation of temperature and salinity profile observations for forecasting the river–estuary–shelf waters
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(10)
COSS-TT Liubartseva, Svitlana,  Ivan Federico, Giovanni Coppini, Rita Lecci., 2021: Stochastic oil spill modeling for environmental protection at the Port of Taranto (southern Italy)
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 171, 112744
COSS-TT, Topical Collection II Mauro Cirano, Guillaume Charria, Pierre De Mey-Frémaux, Vassiliki H. Kourafalou & Emil Stanev, 2021: Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science supported by GODAE OceanView Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT)—Part II, Topical Collection on Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science supported by the GODAE OceanView Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT) – Part II;

Ocean Dynamics, vol. 71, pages 779–783 (2021)

IV-TT, Met Office (regional) FOAM system Mittermaier, M., North, R., Maksymczuk, J., Pequignet, C., and Ford, D, 2021: Using feature-based verification methods to explore the spatial and temporal characteristics of the 2019 chlorophyll-a bloom season in a model of the European Northwest Shelf,
Ocean Science, 17, 1527-1543
DA-TT, ROMS Moore, A, H. Arango, 2021: On the behavior of ocean analysis and forecast error covariance in the presence of baroclinic instability,
Ocean Modelling, Vol 157, online publication
DA-TT, ROMS Moore, A., J. Levin, H. Arango, J. Wilkin, 2021: Assessing the performance of an ocean observing, analysis and forecast System for the Mid-Atlantic Bight using array modes,
Ocean Modelling, Vol 164, online publication
IV-TT Myung‑Seok Kim, Hyunmin Eom, Sung Hyup You, Seung‑Buhm Woo, 2021: Real-time pressure disturbance monitoring system in the Yellow Sea: pilot test during the period of March to April 2018,
Natural Hazards, 106, 1703–1728
COSS-TT (B) Pascual, A, D Macias, 2021: Ocean science challenges for 2030;
CSIC Scientifc Challenges: Towards 2030, Full book
MEAP-TT Ross, A.C., C.A. Stock, K.W. Dixon, M.A.M. Friedrichs, R.R. Hood, M. Li, K. Pegion, V.
Saba, G. A. Vecchi, 2021: Estuarine forecasts at daily weather to subseasonal time scales,
Earth and Space Science, 7
DA-TT, OS-Eval TT Sang-Yeob Kim , Young-Gyu Park, Young Ho Kim, Seongbong Seo, Hyunkeun Jin, Gyundo Pak, and Ho Jin Lee, 2021: Origin, variability, and pathways of East Sea Intermediate Water in a High-Resolution Ocean Reanalysis,
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(6), 1-15
MEAP-TT Scavia, D., I. Bertani, J.M. Testa, A.J. Bever, J.D. Blomquist, M.A.M. Friedrichs, L.C. Linker, B.D. Michael, R.R. Murphy, G.W. Shenk, 2021: Advancing estuarine ecological forecasts: seasonal hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay
Ecological Applications, 31
IV-TT Seongbong Seo and Young-Gyu Park , 2021: Tracking a Coastal Wave Buoy, Lost from the Southern Coast of Jeju Island, Using Lagrangian Particle Modeling,
Journal of Marine Science and engineering, 9(8), 795
MEAP-TT, DA-TT, Met Office FOAM system Skákala, J., Ford, D., Bruggeman, J., Hull, T., Kaiser, J., King, R. R., Loveday, B., Palmer, M. R., Smyth, T., Williams, C., and Ciavatta, S., 2021: Towards a multi-platform assimilative system for North Sea biogeochemistry,
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126, e2020JC016649
MEAP-TT Silva, E, Counillon, F, Brajard, J, Korosov, A, Pettersson, LH, Samuelsen, A, Keenlyside, N, 2021: Twenty-One Years of Phytoplankton Bloom Phenology in the Barents, Norwegian, and North Seas
Frontiers in Marine Science, 8
DA-TT ,COSS-TT, IV-TT Smith, G.C., Y. Liu, M. Benkiran, K. Chikhar, D. Surcel Colan, C.-E. Testut, F. Dupont, J. Lei, F. Roy, J.-F. Lemieux and F. Davidson, 2021: The Regional Ice Ocean Prediction System v2: a pan-Canadian ocean analysis system,
Geoscientific Model Development, 14(3), 1445-1467
GMD – The Regional Ice Ocean Prediction System v2: a pan-Canadian ocean analysis system using an online tidal harmonic analysis (
IV-TT/Clivar NORP Solomon A., C. Heuzé, B. Rabe, S. Bacon,  L. Bertino, P. Heimbach, J. Inoue, D. Iovino, R. Mottram, X. Zhang, Y. Aksenov, R. McAdam, A. Nguyen, R. Raj, and H. Tang, 2021: Freshwater in the Arctic Ocean 2010-2019
Ocean Science, vol 17, pp. 1081–1102
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Q J R Meteorol Soc., 1691– 1725
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International Journal of Climatology, 41 (13), 5977– 5997
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Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 1208
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Biogeosciences, Preprint bg-2021-97
MEAP-TT Terzić, E., Salon, S., Cossarini, G., Solidoro, C., Teruzzi, A., Miró, A., Lazzari, P., 2021: Impact of interannually variable diffuse attenuation coefficients for downwelling irradiance on biogeochemical modelling,
Ocean Modelling, 161, 101793
COSS-TT Trotta, F., Federico, I., Pinardi, N., Coppini, G., Causio, S., Jansen, E., Iovino D., Masina S. , 2021: A relocatable ocean modeling platform for downscaling to shelf-coastal areas to support disaster risk reduction
Front. Mar. Sci.,
COSS-TT Wenfeng Lai, Jianping Gan, Ye Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Jiping Xie, and Jiang Zhu, 2021: Assimilating In Situ and Remote Sensing Observations in a Highly Variable Estuary–Shelf Model,
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 459–479
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Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans.,
MEAP-TT Yao, Y., H. Tian, S. Pan, R.G. Najjar, M.A.M. Friedrichs, Z. Bian, et al., 2021: Riverine carbon cycling over the past century in the Mid‐Atlantic region of the United States
COSS-TT Zavialov, P., 2021: Are Periodic Oscillations of Sea Surface Height Inherent to River Plumes?
Frontiers in Marine Science, Online publication
2020                                                                                                                                                                                      Top
COSS-TT Arnold A, H Lewis, P Hyder,J Siddorn, E O’Dea, 2020: The Sensitivity of British Weather to Ocean Tides
GRL, 48
IV-TT Chaewook Lim, Dong-Hoon Kim, Seung-Buhm Woo, Minsu Joh, Jooneun An, and Il-Ju Moon, 2020: Performance Comparisons on Parallel Optimization of Atmospheric and Ocean Numerical Circulation Models Using KISTI Supercomputer Nurion System,
Applied Sciences, 10(8), 2883
DA-TT Cheng S., Aydoğdu A., Rampal P., Carrassi A., Bertino L., 2020: Probabilistic Forecasts of Sea Ice Trajectories in the Arctic: Impact of Uncertainties in Surface Wind and Ice Cohesion,
MDPI Oceans, 1(4), 326-342
DA-TT, IV-TT Cipollone, A., A. Storto, and S. Masina, 2020: Implementing a Parallel Version of a Variational Scheme in a Global Assimilation System at Eddy-Resolving Resolution,
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 37(10), 1865-1876.
MEAP-TT Crear, D.P., B.E. Watkins, M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, K.C. Weng, 2020: Estimating shifts in phenology and habitat use of cobia in Chesapeake Bay under climate change,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 11, 7:579135
MEAP-TT Crear, D.P., R.J. Latour, M.A.M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent, K.C. Weng, , 2020: Climate sensitivity of a shark nursery habitat,
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