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OS-Eval TT meeting (14) , March 2022

The 14th online OS-Eval TT meeting will cover progress with SynObs as a UN Decade project, planning of the OS-Eval/CP-TT symposium (Nov 2022) and other general TT business.

  • Task Team meeting
  • 25 March 2022, Online (MS Team) by invitation
  • 13:00 – 14:00 (UTC)

The agenda:

  • SynObs project progress and plans
  • OS-Eval/CP-TT symposium, Nov 2022
  • AOB
No First name Surname Affiliation
1 Eric Bayler NOAA
2 Fraser Davidson DFO/ECCC
3 Yosuke Fujii MRI-JMA
4 Eric C Hackert NASA
5 Chris Harris Met Office
6 Eric Jansen CMCC
7 Matthieu Le Henaff NOAA
8 Shuhei Masuda JAMSTEC
9 Kristian Mogensen ECMWF
10 Elisabeth Remy MOI
11 Clemente Tanajura REMO/UFBA
12 Kirsten Wilmer-Becker Met Office
13 Tianyu Zhang NMEFC
Title Presenter Affiliation Role
Overview OS-Eval TT (14) Yosuke Fujii MRI-JMA OS-Eval TT co-chair

Please download the meeting notes here.

OS-Eval TT meeting recordings are only open to attendees of the OS-Eval TT meetings. To access the recordings you require a password. Please contact the OP programme office for information.