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MEAP-TT online seminar (5) – 4 October 2023

The MEAP Task Team is focused on developing the underpinning science and tools that will further the integration of biogeochemical and ecosystem models into existing ocean operational systems. The Task Team’s mission is to advocate for an expansion of the ocean observing system with respect to biogeochemical and biological properties, to support method development for the assimilation and modelling of Essential Biogeochemical Variables (EBV), to exchange of scientific advances and transfer of capabilities between academic and operational centers of expertise, and to help bridge the gap with end-users.

  • MEAP-TT Online seminar (5)
  • 4 October 2023, Online (MS Teams)
  • 13:00 – 14:00 (UTC)
  • Welcome (5’ – Liuqian and Stefano)
  • Science talk: TBC (20’+10’ Q&A)
  • Request of inputs for OceanPredict 8th Science-Team meeting, Busan Korea, 6-10 Nov 2023 (5’ – Liuqian and Stefano)
  • MEAP-TT meeting time (5’- all)
    • MEAP-TT in-person meeting 2024: please indicate your availability to come to the different options here:  MEAP-options-in_person-meeting-2024.xlsx
    • New calendar for the monthly meetings starting from Jan 2024. (stick to every first Wednesday of the month but alternate between the optimized time for the PT and CET)
  • Outreach activities (e.g., UN Decade) (5’ – all)
  • AOBs (5’ – all)
No First name Surname Affiliation Country Role
 1 Kunal Chakraborty INCOIS India Member
 2 Stefano Ciavatta Mercator Ocean international France Co-chair
 3 Gianpiero Cossarini OGS Italy Member
4 Katja Fennel Dalhousie University Canada Member
5 David Ford Met Office UK Member
6 Quentin Hyvernat Mercator Ocean international France
7 Julien Lamouroux Mercator Ocean international France Member
 8 Alexandre Mignot Mercator Ocean international France
9 Helen Powley PML UK Member
10 Andrea Rochner Met Office UK
11 Liuqian Yu The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China Incoming Co-chair

MEAP-TT meeting recordings are only open to attendees of the MEAP-TT meeting. To access the recordings you require a password. Please contact the OP programme office for information.