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DA-TT technical seminar series, June 2022 (4)

The DA-TT are holding regular technical seminars to present and discuss in detail particular topics of interest to the DA-TT and the OS-Eval TT. The seminars run for one hour with a presentation followed by questions and discussion, and will be by invitation only.

The aim of these virtual seminars is to have an informal, in-depth discussion about topics related to the activities of the DA-TT (or OS-Eval TT) and its members. They can be used to share preliminary results from ongoing projects and solicit feedback from the group, to discuss a specific technical or scientific challenge, to propose collaborative work for the DA-TT, or other technical/scientific topics.

More information can be obtained from the seminar series web page.

  • Mon, 13 June 2022
  • MS Teams (by invitation only)
  • 14:00 UTC (3pm BST, 4pm CEST)

Attendance DA-TT technical seminar

13 June 2022

First name Surname Affiliation
Santha Akella NASA
Gianpaolo Balsamo ECMWF
Jean-Marc Belanger ECCC
Jean Bidlot ECMWF
Philip Browne ECMWF
Eric Chassignet FSU
Fraser Davidson ECCC
Frederic Dupont ECCC
David Ford Met Office
Silvio Gualdi CMCC
Christopher Harris Met Office
Riccardo Hénin CMCC
Pat Hogan NOAA
Sarah Keeley ECMWF
Youyu Lu DFO
Francesco Maicu UniBo
Matthew Martin Met Office
Avichal Mehra NOAA
Joe Metzger NRL
Jean-Philippe Paquin ECCC
Hal Ritchie ECCC
Christopher Roberts ECMWF
Francois Roy ECCC
Annette Samuelsen NERSC
Beena Balan Sarojini ECMWF
Gregory Smith ECCC
Yuhei Takatani MRI-JMA
Frederic Vitart ECMWF
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker Met Office
Date  Seminar  Presenter Topic
13 June 2022 Technical seminar series (4) Jean-Michel Lellouche (Mercator Ocean international) Evolution of the Mercator global system at 1/12°
with a focus on data assimilation updates