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COSS-TT online meeting (2), April 2022

8th meeting of the COSS-TT: International Coordination Meeting (2nd online meeting)

This meeting will replace an originally planned face-to-face meeting scheduled for Montreal.

The virtual meeting on 12 + 13 April 2022 (Tue and Wed) will cover all aspects of previous COSS-TT meetings, of course in a much tighter format:

  • COSS system updates and presentations on selected Research Themes
  • Review of Task Team membership and international coordination (incl. meeting format/frequency)
  • Upcoming interactions with UN Decade related activities (e.g. CoastPredict, ForeSea and other Decade programmes).

Both, Task Team members and the broader COSS community, are invited to attend and consider submitting abstracts.

  • Task Team meeting
  • 12 & 13 April 2022, Online (MS Team) by invitation
  • Start at 12-15 UTC

Please download/open the latest agenda here.

Latest update 12 April 2022

The themes covered by this meeting are listed below. When submitting an abstract please match it to one or more of these themes. The registration and abstract submission form will provide for this.

Theme 1 – Science in support of Coastal Ocean forecasting:  scientific advances in Coastal and Regional Ocean Forecasting Systems (R/COFS), including process understanding and interactions (land-sea, atmosphere-ocean and currents-waves), model evaluation, probabilistic approaches and observing system evaluation (such as Observing System Simulation Experiments).

Theme 2 – Coastal and Regional (pre-)operational ocean forecasting systems and applications: system descriptions and updates; requirements for real-time operations and forecasts (incl. model details, open boundary conditions, river outflow, atmospheric forcings); assimilation and verification in those systems; coastal forecasting system applications, user- and citizen-oriented products and uptake in coastal regions.

Theme 3 – Seamless integration between Coastal and Regional systems (R/COFS under COSS-TT) and Large scale systems (LOFS under OceanPredict): nesting and downscaling, comparison of solutions of nested (R/COFS) and outer (LOFS) models over the same domain, advances in seamless integration of systems and demonstration of value added through one-way and two-way nesting.

Theme 4 – Synergy between altimetry and modelling in coastal regions: up-to-date and future altimeter products presentation; connectivity with in situ; data assimilation and modelling use cases for regional/coastal oceans; coastal/off-shore signal continuity.


Registration and abstract submission for the 2nd online COSS-TT meeting are both done through the form below. If you only want to register but not submit an abstract, just leave the respective submission form part blank. There is no registration fee.

Abstract submission deadline 25 March 2022 
Registration deadline 8 April 2022

If you want to update your registration or submission you will have to register again. All questions marked with * are mandatory.

Abstract submissions and registrations are now closed. 



List of names and distribution of attendees from 21 countries, for both meeting days, 12 & 13 April 2022:

No Full Name Full Name Affiliation Country
1 Ioannis Androulidakis University of Miami/RSMAS USA
2 Brian Arbic University of Michigan USA
3 Brandy Armstrong University of Southern Mississippi USA
4 Björn Backeberg Deltares Netherlands
5 Bàrbara Barceló-Llull IMEDEA Spain
6 Alexander Barth University of Liege Belgium
7 Eric Bayler NOAA USA
8 Antonio Bonaduce NERSC Norway
9 Lucy M Bricheno NOC UK
10 Sylvain Cailleau Mercator Ocean international France
11 Kemal Cambazoglu University of Southern Mississippi USA
12 Francisco Campuzano CoLab +Atlantic Portugal
13 Guillaume Charria Ifremer France
14 Eric Chassignet Florida State University USA
15 Byoung-Yu Choi Chonnam National University Republic of Korea
16 Mauro Cirano UFRJ Brazil
17 Fraser Davidson ECCC Canada
18 Pierre De Mey-Frémaux LEGOS/CNRS France
19 Frederic Dupont ECCC Canada
20 Ivan Federico CMCC Italy
21 Jianping Gan Hong Kong University China
22 Isabel Garcia Hermosa Mercator Ocean international France
23 Fabrice Hernandez IRD Brazil/France
24 Mike Herzfeld CSIRO Australia
25 Naoki Hirose Kyushu University Japan
26 Rachel Horwitz DFO Canada
27 Oleksandr Huziy ECCC Canada
28 Mo Rokibul Islam ECCC Canada
29 Colette Kerry UNSW Australia
30 Robert R King Met Office UK
31 Vassiliki H. Kourafalou University of Miami/RSMAS USA
32 Yannis N. Krestenitis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
33 Alexander Kurapov NOAA USA
34 Pierre-Yves Le Traon Mercator Ocean international France
35 Ji Lei ECCC Canada
36 Bruno Levier Mercator Ocean international France
37 Youyu Lu DFO Canada
38 Sarah MacDermid ECCC Canada
39 Justine Mcmillan DFO Canada
40 Baptiste Mourre SOCIB Spain
41 Lars Nerger AWI Germany
42 Tung Nguyen-Duy LEGOS, University of Toulouse, CNES, CNRS, IRD, UPS, Toulouse, France France
43 Paolo Oddo NATO/CMRE Italy
44 Enda O’Dea Met Office UK
45 Jean-Philippe Paquin ECCC Canada
46 Ananda Pascual IMEDEA Spain
47 Nadia Pinardi UniBo Italy
48 Marie-isabelle Pujol CLS France
49 Andry Ratsimandresy DFO Canada
50 Francois Roy ECCC Canada
51 Anju Sathyanarayanan AWI Germany
52 Jun She DMI Denmark
53 G. Jan Shom LOPS France
54 Gregory Smith ECCC Canada
55 Nancy Soontiens DFO Canada
56 Emil Stanev HZG Germany
57 Joanna Staneva HZG Germany
58 Joseph Sudheer INCOIS India
59 Graigory Sutherland ECCC Canada
60 Stephanne Taylor DFO Canada
61 Jennifer Veitch SAEON South Africa
62 Vasileios Vervatis University of Athens Greece
63 John Wells Ritsumeikan University Japan
64 Jerry Wiggert University of Southern Mississippi USA
65 Kirsten Wilmer-Becker Met Office UK
66 Xueming Zhu NMEFC China
67 Firmijn Zijl Deltares Netherlands
68 George Zodiatis ORION Cyprus

2nd COSS-TT online meeting presentations

Day 1 – 12 April 2022

  • Meeting introduction
  • Presentations for Theme 1: Science in support of Coastal Ocean forecasting and Theme 2: Coastal and Regional (pre-)operational ocean forecasting systems and applications.

Day 2 – 13 April 2022

  • Presentations for Theme 3: Seamless integration between Coastal and Regional systems and Large scale systems and Theme 4: Synergy between altimetry and modelling in coastal regions
  • Discussion on themes
  • TT participation in the UN Ocean Decade: participation status and questions


Day 1 – 12 April 2022
Title Presenter Affiliation Role
2nd COSS-TT online meeting – introduction Pierre De Mey-Frémaux, Villy Kourafalou CNRS/LEGOS, University of Miami/RSMAS COSS-TT co-chairs
Theme 1 presentations: Science in support of Coastal Ocean forecasting
1.1 Toward an Australian National Coastal Model Mike Herzfeld CSIRO COSS-TT member
1.2 The impact of observing the East Australian Current from the coherent jet to the eddy field Colette Kerry UNSW Australia COSS-COM member
1.3 Using the operational regional US West Coast model setup for process studies: along-slope anomalies during the 2014-16 heat wave period Alexander Kurapov NOAA COSS-TT member
1.4 An intercomparison of global reanalysis products for southern Africa’s major oceanographic features Jennifer Veitch SAEON COSS-TT member
1.5 Variability of the Red River plume in the Gulf of Tonkin from a numerical approach Tung Nguyen-Duy (LEGOS, University of Toulouse, CNES, CNRS, IRD, UPS, Toulouse, France) Tung Nguyen-Duy (LEGOS, University of Toulouse, CNES, CNRS, IRD, UPS, Toulouse, France) Guest
1.6 Empirical consistency of regional and coastal ocean model uncertainties using stochastic methods and a global atmospheric ensemble Vassilios Vervatis University of Athens COSS-COM member
1.7 Framework for improving land boundary conditions in ocean regional products Francesco Campuzano +Atlantic CoLAB COSS-COM member
1.8 Effects of grid spacing on high-frequency precipitation variance in coupled high-resolution global ocean-atmosphere models Brian Arbic University of Michigan COSS-COM members
Theme 2 presentations: Coastal and Regional (pre-)operational ocean forecasting systems and applications
2.1 A regional higher resolution model of Caribbean Arc – Application to the Sargassum algae drift and beaching forecasting Sylvain Cailleau MOi COSS-COM member
2.2 Development of a pre-operational ocean forecast system for Mississippi Sound and Bight in the northern Gulf of Mexico Kemal Cambazoglu University of Southern Mississippi COSS-COM member
2.3 Tracking the drifting of pelagic Sargassum rafts in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea using a coastal ocean modeling system Byoung-Ju Choi Chonnam National University COSS-TT member
2.4 Real-time forecasting in support of fine-scale field experiments in the Western Mediterranean Sea Baptiste Mourre SOCIB COSS-COM member
2.5 Uncertainty in Drift Prediction in the St. Lawrence Estuary Graig Southerland ECCC COSS_COM member
2.6 Development of Six Port-Scale Ocean Forecast Models in Canadian Waters Stephane Taylor DFO COSS-COM member
2.7 Land to Sea:  operational high-resolution coupled model of the German Bight and its estuaries Joanna Staneva HZG COSS-TT member
2.8 Biophysical dynamics, prediction and mitigation of aggravating hypoxia over an estuary-shelf transition zone Jianping Gan Hong Kong University COSS-TT member
Day 2 – 13 April 2022
Title Presenter Affiliation Role
Theme 3 presentations: Seamless integration between Coastal and Regional systems and Large scale systems
3.1 Storm surge modelling and forecasting of Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone Ivan Federico CMCC COSS-TT member
3.2 A two-way nested forecasting system to resolve microplastic pathways from inland waters to open sea Jun She DMI COSS-COM member
3.3 Combining Observations and Numerical Models for Ocean State Estimation and Forecasting: CONCEPTS Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems Greg Smith ECCC IV-TT co-chair
Topic 4 presentations: Synergy between altimetry and modelling in coastal regions
4.1 Design of multi-platform sampling strategies for reconstruction of fine-scale ocean currents Bàrbara Barceló-Llull IMEDEA COSS-COM member
4.2 Toward Higher resolution Level-3 altimeter products Marie-Isabelle Pujol CLS COSS-COM member




COSS-TT meeting recordings are only open to attendees of the COSS-TT meeting. To access the recordings you require a password.