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2021, 10 March, 2nd MEAP-TT, online meeting

The meeting has been archived. All information about the meeting can be found on the MEAP-TT pages.

  • Welcome
  • Talk: “Implementing Darwin in ROMS: Initial results from regional simulations with a complex ecosystem model” by Jann Paul Mattern1, Christoper A. Edwards1, Brian Powell2 and Tobias Friedrich2

(1Ocean Sciences Department, UCSC; 2Department of Oceanography, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)

  • Talk: “An overview of the EU H2020 SEAMLESS project”, Stefano Ciavatta (Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK)
  • The MEAP-TT contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean for Sustainable Development
  • AOBs

This event is by invitation only, and targeted at the members of the Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team (MEAP-TT).