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ForeSea – Call for projects

ForeSea is taking part in the 2nd call for UN Decade actions, inviting project proposals

The project negotiation and submission process is described on the UN Decade website2nd call for action – published on 15 Oct 2021.


ForeSea’s vision is for strong international coordination and community building of an ocean prediction capacity for the future. The overarching goal are to (1) improve the science, capacity, efficacy, use, and impact of ocean prediction systems and (2) build a seamless ocean information value chain, from observations to end users, for economic and societal benefit. These transformative goals aim to make ocean prediction science more impactful and relevant.

ForeSea is calling for projects that will extend and transform current ocean prediction capacity and address the following high-level objectives:

  • Coordinate ocean prediction world-wide in a sustainable manner towards maximum societal benefits
  • Maximize the benefits of ocean observations for ocean predictions and societal impact
  • Support development and maturation of the full-length operational oceanography value chain, from observations to end users, by using best practices and coordinating the integration of existing and new partners (international science initiatives and intergovernmental organizations)
  • Advance the science behind ocean prediction and its connection to the other components of the earth system, including the atmosphere, land, cryosphere, continental hydrology, etc.
  • Make ocean prediction science more impactful and relevant by collaborating with socioeconomic experts and stakeholders to quantify the impact and utility of ocean prediction for science and society, especially in coastal areas (in collaboration with CoastPredict)