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CP-TT membership plans

We are contacting you because you are still listed as a member of the CP-TT, please see the entire listing at .  We would like to encourage you to stay in the team and work with the new co-chairs to develop new terms of reference (i.e., new agenda, plans, etc) with the goal of making the task team a place of lively exchange of ideas and information within the overall OceanPredict. However, we would fully understand if you opted to leave the team. We are also contemplating an “extended” team, that is not so involved. It would be very helpful if you could please complete the form below:

Your CP-TT plans
Please provide your feedback to the following questions:
Do you want to continue as member of the CP-TT?
Do you like to be added to an "extended" CP-TT community list to receive information about the CP-TT?