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EuroSea – EU H2020 project


EuroSea is a European Union Innovation Action funded through the European Commission research funding programme Horizon 2020 under a call supporting the G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative. EuroSea brings together key European actors of ocean observing and forecasting with users of oceanographic products and services. The EuroSea innovation demonstrators are focused on operational services, ocean health, and climate.

EuroSea works to improve the European ocean observing and forecasting system in a global context, delivering ocean observations and forecasts to advance scientific knowledge about ocean climate, marine ecosystems and their vulnerability to human impacts and to demonstrate the importance of the ocean to an economically viable and healthy society.

More information about EuroSea


OceanPredict involvement

OceanPredict will strengthening EuroSea links to the leading edge of global forecast and prediction by:

  • Linking EuroSea with the international activities of OceanPredict task teams (DA, MEAP, COSS but also OS-Eval)
  • Exploring the feasibility of uptake of outputs from EuroSea observational data in an international data assimilation and ocean forecasting context
  • Developing stronger collaboration between the Coastal Ocean and Shelf Sea Task Team and the EuroGOOS coastal working group
  • Organising two dedicated workshops between EuroSea and OceanPredict
    • to share project results and exchange on outcomes
    • to facilitate knowledge transfer / foster science networking
    • to explore synergy from ongoing complementary activities