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ForeSea – Steering Committee (SC)


ForeSea has invited representative from OceanPredict and its partner UN Decade programmes to form the ForeSea Steering Committee (ForeSea SC)

Last update: 31 January 2022

No First name Surname Affiliation Email Role
1 Santha Akella NASA santha.akella (at) OPST/CP-TT rep
2 Enrique Alvarez SOCIB enrique (at) ETOOFS lead
3 Eric Bayler NOAA eric.bayler (at) OPAS rep
4 Eric Chassignet FSU echassignet (at) Co-chair (ForeSea/OceanPredict)
5 Stefano Ciavatta PML avab (at) OPST/MEAP-TT rep
6 Fraser Davidson DFO fraser.davidson (at) Co-chair (OceanPredict)
7 Pierre De Mey-Frémaux LEGOS/CNRS (at) OPST/COSS-TT rep
8 Yosuke Fujii MRI-JMA yfujii (at) OPST/OS-Eval TT rep + SynObs chair
9 Matt Martin Met Office matthew. martin (at) OPST/DA-TT rep
10 Frank Muller-Karger Univ. of South Florida carib (at) Marine Life 2003 Lead
11 Peter Oke CSIRO peter.oke (at) External expert
12 Afonso Paiva Univ. of Rio de Janeiro afonso (at) External expert
13 Elizabeth Remy MOi eremy (at) OPST/OS-Eval TT rep + SynObs chair
14 Gregory Smith ECCC gregory.smith2 (at) IV-TT rep
15 Ann-Kristine Sperrevick Norwegian Meteorological Institute ann.k.sperrevik (at) ECOP rep
16 PN Vinayachandran Indian Institute of Science vinay (at) Co-chair (ForeSea/OceanPredict)
17 Martin Visbeck GEOMAR mvisbeck (at) DITTO lead