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Societal Benefits


Evaluating the impact of ocean predictions for society is to understand its value and benefit and helps to adjust prediction products for better usage.

Routine impact assessments for user benefit: Conducting routine reanalysis and impact projects for various aspects of ocean observing systems on improving end user experience, and explore impact on other environmental prediction components

New capabilities: Enhancing research value and usefulness for operational prediction centres through targeted collective multi-disciplinary projects on new capabilities for operational oceanography in cooperation with other relevant international research programs.

Outreach – learning: Increase understanding/uptake of ocean prediction science and products by engaging users, e.g. through organising symposia, summer schools, training workshops, and special publications to nurture a growing community of scientists and students on operational oceanography covering ocean observations, ocean prediction  science, operational prediction systems, products, end use tools, downstream services and societal benefits.

Outreach – supporting new operational systems: Collaborate with upcoming prediction systems to support the transition from research to operations