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EuroSea/OceanPredict workshop Session 4

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Session 4: EuroSea & OceanPredict – support for the UN Ocean Decade

A major requirement for the success of the Ocean Decade will be to establish national and international frameworks of partnerships and coordination. This will allow all components of the sustained ocean information value chain to strengthen each other and contribute collectively to achieve a well understood and predicted ocean from the deep seas to the coastal ocean, generating sustainable societal benefit.

Both, EuroSea and OceanPredict’s objectives support this vision. By combining their expertise and communities and reaching out to partners (GOOS, GEO Blue Planet, G7/FSOI, etc), they can provide a basis for knowledge exchange and new findings in the fields of ocean observations, observing system co-design, observing system evaluations and their utility and shared best practices for improving ocean predictions to benefit users. The outcome from this workshop session will be overarching and aims to work towards wide reaching recommendations to benefit all communities involved. It aims to develop plans for future activities and support the UN Ocean Decade programmes and projects.


In this session, we welcome contributions on:

  • Upcoming or ongoing collaborations and interaction of EuroSea & OceanPredict with UN Decade programmes & projects and other partners on the improvement of the global ocean observing network design (presentations of UN Decade programmes and projects supporting the “A Predicted Ocean”)
  • Outreach activities of EuroSea/EU/OceanPredict with developing countries, small Island States and groups outside the EU
  • Activities involving ocean observing system sustainability and efforts supporting these activities through group and network building within the UN Decade
  • Ocean Best Practice efforts


This session will be organised in two parts:

Part 1 will include presentations as invited above, plus an overview of session 1-3 with highlights of the session outcomes and questions for discussion.

Part 2 will be a Round Table discussion addressing the workshop outcomes and what these can provide for the UN Decade.