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Yann Drillet

Director of Operational Oceanography department at Mercator Ocean International - FRANCE

Yann Drillet is the French national representative in OceanPredict.

Mercator Ocean and GODAE started at the same time at the beginning of operational oceanography. Much progress has been made and important challenges have been identified and it is important to achieve them in collaboration with all the teams now involved in OceanPredict. The development priorities identified by Mercator Ocean concern the improvement of analysis, forecasting and reanalysis systems for the global ocean with a significant increase in model resolution for a better representation of fine scale phenomena in the ocean, a better representation and estimation of uncertainties and errors by developing ensemble systems and an improvement of the interactions between the different components of the earth system for an improved representation of the blue, white and green ocean. All these themes are at the heart of OceanPredict’s objectives in the different Task Team and with the partners involved in science for operational oceanography.

Yann Drillet