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Stéphanie Cuven

OceanPredict Programme Office assistant coordinator - France

Stéphanie Cuven has a Ph.D. in Earth’s Sciences with a specialization in sedimentological sciences addressing climate change and geohazards. Her research studies have contributed to a better understanding of the major consequences of past climate changes on marine- lacustrine- and coastal environments (e.g., by eutrophication, ice melting, sea level rise, oceanic current changes). She investigated abrupt events at large spatio-temporal scales, from the artic to the tropics and from the Quaternary to present time. Furthermore, her experience in the Canadian High Arctic during her Ph.D. in Canada (INRS-ETE, Quebec City) made her aware of the urgency to act for sustainable development by deepening observations to improve forecast. She has therefore developed a high-resolution approach from geochemical analysis to better discriminate the abrupt events origins, whether caused by earth dynamic (e.g., tsunamis) or climate change (e.g., storm surges).

Furthermore, she coordinated the French office of the scientific drilling programmes IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) and ICDP (International continental Drilling Program) aiming to support global-scale interdisciplinary research on climate change, earth dynamic, sustainable georesources and ocean.

Predicting how the Ocean system will respond to increasing global temperatures is one of the greatest challenges in future. Stephanie is now supporting the OceanPredict community in its effort to achieve sustainable development in the framework of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science.

Stephanie Cuven