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Supporting SynObs to become an endorsed UN Decade project

During the past months, the OS-Eval TT has developed SynObs, a project to support the efforts of CoastPredict, ForeSea, and other programmes of the  UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

In order to get SynObs endorsed as a UN Decade project we need to submit an application to the 2nd call for UN Decade actions by 31 Jan 2022. The application form for SynObs is almost complete, but still requires some additional information. Here is the current version of the application for the endorsement of SynObs. You can edit the application (please use suggestive mode) or provide information through the form below.

We hope this short questionnaire will help us to gather the information we still need. Please provide your input to the questions below by 17 Dec 2021.


SynObs - UN Decade project application - your support
1. Would you/your organisation be committed to support SynObs officially by adding the name of your institute to the UN Decade project application form?
  Many thanks for you help!