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Contribution to UN Decade

During the past months, the OS-Eval TT has developed SynObs, a project to support the efforts of CoastPredict, ForeSea and other UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development programmes. To learn more about how OPST and TT members and member organisations can support the SynObs project plans we have put together a brief questionnaire. Please complete the questions by 14 May 2021.

All questions are mandatory. If you cannot answer a questions please enter N/A.


SynObs contributions
4. Please provide information about your OceanPredict membership (multiple answers possible) *
5. Can you contribute to the observing system evaluation or design performed in SynObs? *
6. What domain of observing system evaluations or design would you like to contribute to (multiple answers possible)? *
7. How can we collaborate to support the observing system evaluation and design in SynObs (multiple answers possible) ? *
8. Can you contribute to the development of data assimilation schemes promoted by SynObs for extracting more information from observation data? *
9. How can we collaborate in SynObs to develop assimilation methods which enables us to use the information of observation data more effectively, or to get synergy from the combination of observation data from different observation platforms (multiple answers possible)? *
10. Which of the targeted combination of observation data in SynObs would you like to contribute to (multiple answers possible)? *