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OP strategy endorsement

Dear colleagues,

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their knowledge and insight into creating  and shaping the new OceanPredict strategy. We reviewed all your input and have now finalised the internal strategy document. The document can be viewed / downloaded here

We hope you all agree with the new strategy and would like to ask you to endorse it by completing the form below.

Once the document is endorsed by the OPAS and OPST we will engage with external partners (i.e. GOOS, GEO Blue Planet, ETOOFS, etc.) to ask for their comments and possible revisions, before we will fully publish the strategy widely.  The OP strategy underpins the plans for our collaboration with the UN Decade and its programmes, and its implementation will happen in line with our plans for ForeSea.

Best regards

The OPST Co-chairs


OP strategy endorsement
I endorse the new OP strategy
Thank you for your support!