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A-TSCV workshop presentation now available online

The workshop aimed at sharing experience in assimilating ocean surface velocity data. Workshop presentations are now available for view.

Today, HF radar data are assimilated in operational systems. Future space missions should observe total surface currents. Lesson learnt from past experience and design experiments to assess the impact of future observations will be discussed as well as assimilation methods well suited for those observations. Current status and challenges for efficiently assimilating surface ocean current observations from diverse observing platforms will be identified, in research and operational context. Observation gaps and requirements for operational systems will be discussed.

General topics addressed at the workshop included:

  • Assimilation of direct velocity observations from HF radar, drifting platforms, ADCP, future space missions, SAR measurements, …
  • Assimilation methods for surface currents, including Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches,
  • Surface current estimation via data assimilation from coastal to global scale.
  • Observation operators for assimilation of total surface current
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