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Following up on the successful OceanPredict ’19 symposium that took place in Halifax in May 2019, we would like to hold at IOC HQ in Paris the second OceanPredict symposium (OceanPredict ’24).  It is planned as a four-day event (Monday to Thursday), followed by OceanPredict internal business to take place on the last day of the working week (Friday). Our preferred dates are: November 18-22, 2024 (possible alternative dates: November 4-8, 2024).

The overarching theme of OceanPredict’24 will be “Ocean Prediction Science Benefits for Society” to highlight the central role played by ocean prediction in the UN Ocean Decade goals. It will invite ocean and atmospheric scientists, observation specialists, industry representatives, service providers, governments, and users of ocean data & products from across the international operational oceanography community to engage in science sessions, exhibitions and discussions to explore and define the direction of operational oceanography.

The symposium will seek to

  • accelerate the evolution of operational oceanography as a key component of Earth System Modeling;
  • identify the growing and changing needs of users and how to enhance service delivery;
  • align the objectives with the goals of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UNDOS, 2021-2030).


The preferred mode of participation is in-person to allow for plenty of informal interactions during the event and on its sidelines, noting that networking is especially important for students and early career scientists. Funding will be sought to allow selected students, early career scientists and scientists from developing countries to join the event who do not have alternative sources of funding. Presentations and discussions will be broadcasted live, recorded and made available to participants who are unable to travel.

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