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Communication committee

Communication committee

The OceanPredict co-chairs have decided that it will benefit OP and also the new UN Decade OP programme ForeSea to set up an OceanPredict Communication Committee.

The committee will assess the current communication situation within OceanPredict and based on its findings, develop a future communication plan/strategy. The committee will include seven OPST members, including PN Vinayachandran (lead) and Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (programme office).

To get the ball rolling a brief communication questionnaire has been set up to gather feedback, initially only from the potential communication committee members. If required this is could be developed into a questionnaire for all OP members (OPST and OPAS). Once the questionnaire results are received we will set up a first communication committee meeting, where next steps will be discussed.

Please complete the form below:

When the questionnaire is talking about “communication”, it means the flow of OceanPredict information between all parts of OP, the co-chairs, TTs, the programme office, the OP community and external groups.

Communication Committee
How important do you think it is for OceanPredict to have good communication processes in place?
What communication tools should OceanPredict use? *
What do you think are the three most important target audiences for OP? *
Would you be willing to join the OceanPredict Communication Committee? *