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OPST – 8, Nov 2023


8th Annual Meeting of the OceanPredict Science Team (OPST-8)

6 – 10 November 2023


Where: Busan, Republic of Korea – In-person meeting
When: 6 – 10 November 2023 (Mon – Fri)
Duration: 4.5 day meeting 
Organisers: Do-Seong Byun (Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency)
Fraser Davidson (ECCC/DFO)
Marie Drevillon (MOI)
PN Vinayachandran (Indian Institute of Science)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)

Time and date

  • Mon – Fri, 6-10 November 2023
  • In-person meeting (possibly hybrid – tbc)
  • Busan, Republic of Korea


Meeting participation will require registration.

OPST-8 registration

You will be able to register for the OPST-8 meeting (6-10 Nov 2023) as well as submit an abstract for the OPST-8 science day (if applicable).

If you do not intend to submit an abstract please only fill in the Registration section and then submit the form.

Information about travel and hotel will be made available on the OP website. Please contact the OP programme office in case of questions.


Do you plan to attend the OPST-8 meeting in person?
We hope that you will be able to attend the whole event. Please let us know what your plans are.
Dinner: For those attending in person, we hope to organise a meeting dinner during the week. Please let us know if you would be interested to take part.
Sightseeing trip: For those attending in person, we hope to organise a sightseeing trip at the end of the meeting. Please let us know if you would be interested to take part.
If you plan to attend in person, will you need an invitation letter for visa purposes?

If you do not intend to submit an abstract please ignore the next items a submit the form.


If you are planning to give a presentation at the Science Day during OPST-8, please submit an abstract.

Please note that the abstract submission is mostly meant for local scientist presenting their work on science day. If you are an OPST member and would like to present on science day you also can submit an abstract, but please be aware that preference for presentations is given to submitters/presenters from the host country.

How do you like to present your abstract?
Please confirm whether the abstract and associated presentation can be added to the OP website for public view?
Maximum upload size: 5.24MB
Start Over

Hotel bookings

——————————————————- NEW UPDATE —————————————————–

The new hotel is now confirmed. We will stay and meet at the Grab the Ocean hotel.

You can book your hotel room starting from 4 September 2023 via the hotel website. Please contact the programme office if you have questions.

If you click on the image(s) below you will be able to see more information the hotel facilities and room options.


If you want to book any other accommodation in Busan, everyone is welcome to do so.

Booking should be made as early as possible because hotel reservation can be difficult due to many events planned in November at Busan.


The meeting will run from Mon, 6 Nov morning (9:00) to Fri, 10 Nov, lunch time (12:30). We are intending to organise a meeting dinner on day 2 (Tue) and a sightseeing trip in day 5 (Fri afternoon).

In a bit more detail:

Mon (day 1): Introduction day – meeting objectives, UN Decade and other external engagements

Tue (day 2): OP symposium planning, TTs, OPOS overview, DINNER

Wed (day 3): System overview, observing systems, OPAS meeting

Thu (day 4): Science Day (mostly local scientist presentations)

Fri (day 5): Programme office updates, communications, future plans, SIGHTSEEING TRIP

A full agenda will be provided asap.


All OPST and OPAS members are warmly invited to attend the OPST-8 meeting in person.

We will also welcome guests and representatives from national research groups and institutes.



Visa & Covid

Please visit the following website for Visa and Covid-information:

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