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4th semi-annual meeting of the OceanPredict Science Team (OPST-4)


Agenda document  OPST-4 (pdf).

Version from 18 June 2021

Expected participation

  • Members of the OceanPredict Science Team (OPST)
  • Members of the OceanPredict Advisory & Sponsor group (OPAS)
  • Invited guests


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To register for the OPST-4 meeting, 16, 17 and 21 June 2021, please complete the form below:


OPST-4 June 2021 meeting registration
Please let us know which days you are planning to attend


Presentation uploads

Please upload your OPST-4 presentation here. Please note that you can only upload files with max size of 5 MB.

Anything larger should either be sent to the OP office by email or be provided by other means (google docs, etc.).


OPST-4 June 2021 Presentation upload
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