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Joint OS-Eval TT/ CP-TT Workshop


A joint meeting of the Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OS-Eval TT) and the Coupled Prediction Task Team (CP-TT) of OceanPredict


 Where: Tsukuba Center for Institutes, Tsukuba, Japan (near Tokyo)
Duration: 4-day meeting
Organisers: Yosuke Fujii (Co-chair of the OS-Eval TT, JMA/MRI)
Elisabeth Remy (Co-chair of OS-Eval TT, Mercator Ocean International)
Chris Harris (Co-chair of CP-TT, Met Office)
Santha Akella (CP-TT members, NASA)
Arun Kumar (NOAA/NCEP; TPOS2020)
Shukei Masuda (OSEval-TT member; JAMSTEC)
Peter Oke (CSIRO; Argo)
Yuhei Takaya (CP-TT member, JMA/MRI)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (OceanPredict programme coordinator, Met Office)


The main goal of the Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OS-Eval TT) under OceanPredict is the provision of ongoing demonstrations of the impacts of observations on global and regional ocean forecast and analysis systems.

The Coupled Prediction Task Team (CP-TT) wants to draw together the international scientific and technical expertise in ocean, sea-ice and wave prediction and to seek collaboration with equivalent expert groups in atmospheric-land surface-hydrology prediction to accelerate the scientific and technical development of fully coupled systems for short- to medium-range prediction. The CP-TT is planning to complement efforts of the atmospheric and seasonal communities in their exploration of coupled prediction, and to actively support exchanges between these communities.


  • Members of the two task teams (OS-Eval TT and CP-TT) are warmly invited to the meeting, but also
  • Attendees of previous events of either team
  • OPST and OPAS members
  • Researchers who work in earth system predictions based on ocean data assimilation or evaluation/design of observation networks


Tentative agenda

There is no agenda yet, however we have identified topics we like to work through at this symposium:


Agenda topics Details
1 Data Impact Assessment
  • Impact assessment of present and future observation networks
    • Evaluation of large swath sea level anomaly data (SWOT, COMPIRA, …)
    • Evaluation of the global Argo Array and its evolution (Argo2020 design)
    • Evaluation of tropical buoys and the TPOS2020 design
  • Evaluation of ocean data impacts on coupled prediction and data assimilation
  • Design of observation networks for obtaining synergy
    • Synergy from the combination of in situ and satellite data
    • Synergy from the combination of oceanic and atmospheric observations
    • Synergy from the combination of coastal observing networks
    • Synergy from the combination of physical and biogeochemical observations
 2 Development for effective use of observation data
  • Observation operators
    • For new-type observations (Lagrangian trajectories, Ocean current velocities, etc.)
    • For coupled data assimilation system (Radiance, Scatterometer, etc.)
  • Modelling of the background errors across multi-physics/domains
    • Across the atmosphere-ocean boundary
    • Across the open ocean-coastal sea boundary
    • Across physical and biogeochemical parameters
  • Methods for dealing with correlated observation errors

    • Data Thinning and modelling observation errors
 3 Earth System prediction and data assimilation
  • Model and data assimilation development for coupled prediction

    • Earth System modelling
    • Initialization technique, includin coupled data assimilation
  • Best practices for coupled prediction and data assimilaiton
    • Operational coupled system design
    • How to mitigate the couplong shock
    • How to generate ensemble members
  • Ocean observation timeliness requirements for operational coupled systems
  • Robust metrics to assess improvements (statistics of observational-innovations, forecast skill, score-cards, etc)
4 Contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science
  • Implementation Pan for the UN Decade project SynObs
  • Collaboration among ForeSea, CoastPredict, and Ocean Observing Co-Design
  • Communication across modelling and data communities for various earth system domains

Organising committee

The workshop will be hosted by MRI/JMA & JAMSTEC at the Tsukuba Center for Institutes, Tuskuba, Japan

  • Chris Harris (Co-chair of the CP-TT, Met Office)
  • Elisabeth Remy (Co-chairs of the OSEval-TT, Mercator Ocean International)
  • Santha Akella, NASA
  • Arun Kumar, NOAA/NCEP; TPOS2020
  • Peter Oke (CSIRO)


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