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Joint OS-Eval TT/ CP-TT Symposium


A joint symposium of the Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OS-Eval TT) and the Coupled Prediction Task Team (CP-TT) of OceanPredict


 Where: Tsukuba Center for Institutes, Tsukuba, Japan (near Tokyo)
Duration: 4-day meeting
Organisers: Yosuke Fujii (Co-chair of the OS-Eval TT, JMA/MRI)
Elisabeth Remy (Co-chair of OS-Eval TT, Mercator Ocean International)
Chris Harris (Co-chair of CP-TT, Met Office)
Santha Akella (CP-TT members, NASA)
Arun Kumar (NOAA/NCEP; TPOS2020)
Shukei Masuda (OSEval-TT member; JAMSTEC)
Peter Oke (CSIRO; Argo)
Yuhei Takaya (CP-TT member, JMA/MRI)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (OceanPredict programme coordinator, Met Office)


The main goal of the Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OS-Eval TT) under OceanPredict is the provision of ongoing demonstrations of the impacts of observations on global and regional ocean forecast and analysis systems.

The Coupled Prediction Task Team (CP-TT) wants to draw together the international scientific and technical expertise in ocean, sea-ice and wave prediction and to seek collaboration with equivalent expert groups in atmospheric-land surface-hydrology prediction to accelerate the scientific and technical development of fully coupled systems for short- to medium-range prediction. The CP-TT is planning to complement efforts of the atmospheric and seasonal communities in their exploration of coupled prediction, and to actively support exchanges between these communities.


The latest announcement related to the OS-Eval TT / CP-TT Symposium can be viewed on this page:

  • First announcement  – Tentative agenda & meeting organisation (22 April 2021)
  • Second announcement – 15 June 2021 – POSTPONEMENT of event to 2022
  • Third announcement – 15 July 2021 – Confirmation of 2022 date (15-18 Nov 2022)


  • Members of the two task teams (OS-Eval TT and CP-TT) are warmly invited to the meeting, but also
  • Attendees of previous events of either team
  • OPST and OPAS members
  • Researchers who work in earth system predictions based on ocean data assimilation or evaluation/design of observation networks


Tentative agenda

There is no agenda yet, however we have identified topics we like to work through at this symposium:


Agenda topics Details
1 Data Impact Assessment
  • Impact assessment of present and future observation networks
    • Evaluation of large swath sea level anomaly data (SWOT, COMPIRA, …)
    • Evaluation of the global Argo Array and its evolution (Argo2020 design)
    • Evaluation of tropical buoys and the TPOS2020 design
  • Evaluation of ocean data impacts on coupled prediction and data assimilation
  • Design of observation networks for obtaining synergy
    • Synergy from the combination of in situ and satellite data
    • Synergy from the combination of oceanic and atmospheric observations
    • Synergy from the combination of coastal observing networks
    • Synergy from the combination of physical and biogeochemical observations
 2 Development for effective use of observation data
  • Observation operators
    • For new-type observations (Lagrangian trajectories, Ocean current velocities, etc.)
    • For coupled data assimilation system (Radiance, Scatterometer, etc.)
  • Modelling of the background errors across multi-physics/domains
    • Across the atmosphere-ocean boundary
    • Across the open ocean-coastal sea boundary
    • Across physical and biogeochemical parameters
  • Methods for dealing with correlated observation errors

    • Data Thinning and modelling observation errors
 3 Earth System prediction and data assimilation
  • Model and data assimilation development for coupled prediction

    • Earth System modelling
    • Initialization technique, includin coupled data assimilation
  • Best practices for coupled prediction and data assimilaiton
    • Operational coupled system design
    • How to mitigate the couplong shock
    • How to generate ensemble members
  • Ocean observation timeliness requirements for operational coupled systems
  • Robust metrics to assess improvements (statistics of observational-innovations, forecast skill, score-cards, etc)
4 Contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science
  • Implementation Pan for the UN Decade project SynObs
  • Collaboration among ForeSea, CoastPredict, and Ocean Observing Co-Design
  • Communication across modelling and data communities for various earth system domains

Organising committee

The workshop will be hosted by MRI/JMA & JAMSTEC at the Tsukuba Center for Institutes, Tuskuba, Japan

  • Chris Harris (Co-chair of the CP-TT, Met Office)
  • Elisabeth Remy (Co-chairs of the OSEval-TT, Mercator Ocean International)
  • Santha Akella, NASA
  • Arun Kumar, NOAA/NCEP; TPOS2020
  • Peter Oke (CSIRO)


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