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DA-TT technical seminar series, Dec 2022 (6)


The DA-TT holds regular technical seminars to present and discuss in detail particular topics of interest to the DA-TT and the OSEval-TT. The seminars run for one hour with a presentation followed by questions and discussion, and will be by invitation only.

The aim of these virtual seminars is to have an informal, in-depth discussion about topics related to the activities of the DA-TT (or OSEVal-TT) and its members. They can be used to share preliminary results from ongoing projects and solicit feedback from the group, to discuss a specific technical or scientific challenge, to propose collaborative work for the DA-TT, or other technical/scientific topics.

More information can be obtained from the seminar series web page.

Date and time

  • Thu, 1 December 2022
  • MS Teams (by invitation only)
  • 16:00 UTC


Invited are members of the DA-TT and OS-Eval TT


Presentation Presenter Affiliation
Overview of Ocean DA developments at ECMWF Marcin Chrust ECMWF


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